Why can't I delete test orders from my online store?

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Hello, I have an issue where I am not able to delete my test orders from my Shopify.


I want to delete them as they will mess up my numbers (I haven't started operating so all my orders currently are tests). I followed Shopify instruction on how to delete orders, where it says you need to archive or cancel the order first. I did both, but at each step I was not getting the "delete order" button Shopify says should come up at the bottom of the page if the order is able to be deleted. 


I don't see any reason for why I shouldn't be able to delete these orders as they were placed with Shopify test mode payments on, they were not placed with ShopPay and were "paid" with by Shopify's fake 424242... card number they give you to use. 


Why am I not able to delete them?

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hi, im in same situation. do you resolve ?