Why can't my customers complete checkout due to shipping address issues?

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Most of my customer's are facing issues with the checkout. Whenever they try to check out it shows address cannot be shipped. Can someone please help



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First of all ask those customers, what addresses are they entering?  And then check the shipping rules for your store.


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Hi there, @Shoppingpitara.


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I understand that your customers are experiencing an issue at checkout and are faced with an error message. To gather more insight, could you share a bit more information on the following:


  • Can you share a screenshot of the error message?
  • Is this affecting all customers or specific customers?
  • Are you able to replicate the issue?


 Oftentimes, if customers are faced with the error message this order can't be shipped to your location/address it can indicate that your product sees it has a location and inventory, so it can be brought into the checkout, however, it can't make a clear path to a shipping rate. 


Could you confirm the following:


  • Confirm that the location where your inventory is hosted has shipping rates. You can access the shipping profiles from Settings > Shipping & Delivery > by clicking on each profile and making sure you see compatible shipping rates for each location that has the inventory you need to ship.

  • Confirm that the product is set up properly to inform what shipping rates should apply. Some common reasons include the "physical product" or "requires shipping" setting isn't enabled properly. If there are weight-based or calculated rates and the item doesn't have a proper weight assigned; or if there's only free shipping over $100 and no rates below.

  • Make sure that, whether or not you've enabled to Track Inventory for a Product or Variant, the locations they're hosted through recognize they carry this product. You can cross-compare the locations seen in the shipping profile with the product/variant views and the inventory they have available.

Once we receive a bit more information and a screenshot of the issue. We'll be able to more closely examine what is causing the error message at checkout.

Victoria | Shopify 
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I am able to checkout from my end when I replicate the same address from my
end. But the customer's are unable to checkout from their end. It is for
95% of the customers. Sharing the screenshot for your reference
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Hi Victoria,

Thank you for addressing the concern.

The issue is with the 95% of my customers. And when I try and replicate the same I am able to checkout from my end.Sharing the screenshot of the customers who has faced similar issues. Unable to attatch the files here. Is there any way where we connect 1:1