Why did my online store disappear after copying and editing the theme?

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Hey everybody, 


since three month i'm working on this online shop. 

Today i wanted to try out a code editing. So as usual i've made a copy of the shop, waited till the copy was finished, checked the copy and then i did the code. 

After i finished the code i found that it was not working at all. So i deleted the version with the broken code. After i published the copy it was not working at all, can't find any data and nothing, like there is a theme or something missing. 

Can someone help me please, i don't wanna do three months of work again. 


I saw in the code as well that there are no snippets and nothing anymore in it. 

Here you can see a screenshot of what is look. - > https://ibb.co/k4bW0xD

www.einszwei.shop is the website


Thank you and have a good one

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