Why does HTML code in product description disappear after saving?

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Hi, I'm currently facing disappearing codes in the description box. It has never happened before - just over the past week and it's been quite an inconvenience.

We have tabs to split up the content in the product pages and the tab headers are the ones that have been missing. This is the code:

<ul class="tabs">
<lii class="active" rel="tab1">Details</lii> <lii rel="tab2">Measurements</lii> <lii rel="tab3">Model Stats</lii> <lii rel="tab4">Additional Looks</lii>

It disappears on save, but appears as per usual on the website. Only <lii class="active" rel="tab1">Details</lii> remains in the HTML editor after saving - which doesn't allow anyone to view the content in the other tabs. Any changes to the product description or details (except inventory) seems to affect this as well.

Anyone has any ideas why this is happening? Would appreciate your expertise!

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I am not too familiar with the functionality of the rich text editor, but my guess is that it is breaking because you are not putting in the correct HTML and it is removing the invalid tags.

The list items need to be wrapped in <li> tags not <lii>

<ul class="tabs">
<li class="active" rel="tab1">Details</li> <li rel="tab2">Measurements</li> <li rel="tab3">Model Stats</li> <li rel="tab4">Additional Looks</li>

Let me know if that fixed it 🙂


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Same here, Adsense code disappears or strangely changes in the HTML blog editor after saving. Found absolutely no solution to that, nowhere. Yet the issue seems to be reported by many users.




Regarding the screenshot, I didn't know sarcasm whas the new motto at shopify.


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Currently experiencing this, Adding an embed player from bandcamp disappears upon saving. I will see it for a moment before adding a 2nd one to save and it then will remove the previous one as there is no more html after saving