Why does my shopping cart page turn grey after adding a product?

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After a customer add a product to a shopping cart and clicking on the shopping cart button, the page become greyed out.

The website was recently optimized by a hired developer, however, the developer is not available anymore.



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The person you hired most likely broke some of the coding on the site. Your best bet would be to revert the changes they made, switch to a previous copy of the theme from before their changes, or else try and hire another coder to troubleshoot the issue for you. 

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Hi @poshfair 


From the screenshot and without a direct link to the website itself it is very difficult to determine the exact problem. The developer should honour the fact that you paid them and offer to fix it but unfortunately not all developers are equal.


I have seen this problem with several of my clients and it is usually a bug introduced by a plugin or directly by the developer. You can either hire a recognised Shopify Partner like myself or attempt to go into the backend of the theme into the "add to cart" logic and attempt to trace the bug.


If you would like further help feel free to message me direct or reply to me here in this thread. All the best with it @poshfair and sorry to hear the developer left you with this problem, it is definitely fixable.


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