Why does my Wistia video script cause CSS conflicts on mobile?

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I have embedded a Wistia video player on a page – 




Looks great on desktop but on mobile the video hero that runs behind the text gets pushed down. See attached.


I assume this is some type of CSS conflict. 


Any idea on how to fix this?


Page Video Test – Orbit Baby.jpeg

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Hi @MKrantz , we checked and see that your video player works fine.

Here're what we see on your site:
https://prnt.sc/xjAYJ-PqF4WA: The video opened a pop-up when we hit play
https://prnt.sc/GWzH1DcncvkF: The video continued to play in the background when we turn off the pop-up

So maybe you have resolved it? Or maybe we misunderstood your question?
Can you explain it again so our team can check on that? We would love to provide you with a solution for your issues.

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