why does url appears on the tab instead of title

why does url appears on the tab instead of title

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Hello, i recently ran into a problem the meta title is not displaying on the tabs instead i am seeing the url. This is my site mysticgleam.com can someone help me with this?

Thank you

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Hi @mysticgleam, check that your meta title is correctly set in Shopify's theme settings under Online Store > Themes > Customize. Also, inspect the theme.liquid file in your Dawn theme to ensure the title tag is properly coded as <title>{{ page_title }}</title>.

These two checks should resolve the issue with the URL appearing instead of the meta title on your site's tabs.

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I'm also seeing the same issue. Did you end up finding a way to resolve the issue?


I've reached out to shopify on a few occasions, they dont seem to understand the issue so not getting far with them.