Why is added code messing up my page layout in Shopify HTML editor?

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We are editing our page in the native HTML editor, and when we do and toggle back to WYSWYG (and not edit anything in WYSWYG) and hit save, Shopify is automatically adding code that is causing the content to display incorrectly. It is shown as a linear list of images in lieu of a 3x3 table. 

Page:  https://www.xywellness.com/pages/elements-of-wellness


<a href=" /pages/diet" class="card-element">

<div class="element-content">

<div style="display: inline !important; " class="content-image">


changing to:

<a class="card-element" href="/pages/diet"> </a>

<div class="element-content">

<a class="card-element" href="/pages/diet">

<div class="content-Image" style="display: inline !important;"><image alt="post" 


Any thoughts on this? Support hasn't helped us thus far, even with a video showing what was happening.; 


We are using the browser based/shopify website to edit the page.

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