Why is code appearing on my privacy policy page?

Why is code appearing on my privacy policy page?

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Hello All,

I am having a problem with code showing up on my privacy policy page. It shows up just above the text I entered. 
This is page that has the problem: https://fdmshop.nl/policies/privacy-policy

As far as I can tell this isn't happening anywhere else. Could someone please help me get rid of it or at least hide it?

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@Asokam that is an html comment getting output as escaped text, or the website has more malformed html causing html-comments to display. The html-comment is surrounding some CSS ruels.


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But first, double check the actual policy content does not have a html comment inside it.

If you've added a custom-html or custom-liquid block to templates check that.

If you've done other customizations recently test a backup theme for this problem, and use the backup if the issue is gone.


Etc, otherwise someone needs to root around and find out what went wrong.


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I ended up going into the policy page and going into html editing mode in privacy policy text window. There I just deleted the HTML line as it wasn't being executed anyway. Problem fixed.


Thanks for all the help.