Why is my add to cart button not working?

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Hello, I haven't changed any settings with my website recently and have just been informed that my add to cart button isn't working. I thought that my Xmas sales were slow but hadn't realised this might have been the issue. Please help me resolve this.





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Hello @Andrew_Smith9


Can you share the store URL so that I can troubleshoot the same on my end?


There could be many reasons why the add to cart button is not working on your website. I am mentioning several items :


1. Make sure that the add to cart button is not being blocked by a plugin or a third-party app. Some plugins or apps can interfere with the add to cart button and cause it to stop working. Try disabling any recently installed plugins or apps to see if that fixes the issue.


2. Check if there are any conflicting JavaScript on your website. Multiple scripts can conflict with each other and cause issues like the add to cart button not working. 


3. Check if the add to cart button is being triggered by an event that is not working. This can happen if you have customized the add to cart button or using a theme with many custom elements.



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My add to cart is not working as well. I have had several sales today. 

URL is craftedoflight.com


 no changes have been made recently

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Hi, I am experiencing the same problem. My add to cart is not working and this happened after I added WhatsApp button on my website. Please help. https://www.8b4145-39.myshopify.com