Why is my favicon not showing on Safari?

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Hey everyone,

I could use some help with my Shopify store's PNG favicon. Strangely, it's not showing up on Safari when I access my site from my Mac, but it's visible on Chrome without any issues. I've already tried clearing my cache and using a private browser, but the favicon still refuses to appear. I uploaded the favicon through theme settings, and my current theme is Origin. If anyone has any insights or suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it!

You can check out my store at https://velleather.com/.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Brendiax, 


I know you said you cleared your cache but it may still be cached in a spot you haven't noticed yet! In any case, I can confirm your favicon appears both on my Mac Safari and iPhone Safari versions. There is no issue I can see from my side and it may be an internal issue. 


I have attached a couple images confirming what I see - hope this helps! 


Screen Shot 2024-02-27 at 9.05.47 am.png




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Thanks, I see it's working now. Seems like I cleared my cache wrong. Upon further investigation I found the correct method and now all is good again. 


Many thanks!