Why is my product not appearing on the frontend?

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There is one single product that all of a sudden will not appear on the front end.  The last I can recall it was showing was in mid-January when this product was last purchased.  I have it set as active and in all the right collections and categories.  I am so confused why it just disappeared on the frontend.  


I reached out to shopify support and they said there is an issue with the theme file or coding customization which "must be check by an experts".   They said I need to "make an inquiry to our experts for free where you can make a post and someone will get back to you on that thread". 


Which is what I'm doing now 🙂 


Thank you!

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You'd need to post screenshots of the product's setting + collection settings that it's supposed to be in, as well as provide a link to your store. 


Without more info, it's really hard to guess at what might be going wrong. 

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