Why is my website still not indexing on Google Search Console?

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I'm having an issue with Google Search Console.

I neglected my website for a year as I felt I wasn't going to go on with the business. In the last two weeks, I've got it off the ground again and have come up against indexing issues with Google search console. I've done all the reverification with Ad words, Search Console, tag manager etc. I'm still using the same theme too. The theme is Minimal. I'm also not on a Shopify price plan at the minute (Not sure if this effects the site)


My main domain page, www.fireplacesandstovesdrogheda.ie is apparently redirecting.

I've read countless forums and tried a few fixes but to no avail. 


For example, in Search Console.

I go to URL inspection, type in the domain. URL comes up with a green tick, page indexing HTTPS, Breadcrumbs and sitelinks searchbox all have green ticks.

I follow this up with Request for Indexing. A day or so later it will come up failed. 


If I go to the heading "Indexing", go to pages, select the Grey box in the left corner, that says "Not Indexed", I then go to "Why pages aren't Indexed", reason Page with redirect, source - website. 

I'll click the above highlighted bar, and select see details.

The only explanation on the next section is Examples, URL, https://www.fireplacesandstovesdrogheda.ie/


There's no 301 or 302 code?


Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated. 

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