Why is no one purchasing from my new online store?

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I am a new store owner and I have had over 1000 people visit my store. Out of those 1000 people, no one has purchased a single item, which I find hard to believe. The store has only been open for 8 days.  It simply does not make sense. Nothing seems to be working. I have literally watched potential customers place items into their cart and then simply watch them leave the store with no money spent. I am a firm believer something is wrong with my store on the backend but I have no idea what it could be. 

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Have you tried placing an order on your store yourself? Ex. purchase one of your own products? You can always cancel and refund the order after. 


If the checkout works for you, then there probably isn't an issue with the actual store. It's more likely that the way you're generating traffic / marketing is just bringing a bunch of bots to your site.  


It may also be worth looking at your shipping fees. If the visitors adding things to their cart (but then abandoning without purchasing) are real people - and not bots - then they could be deciding to ditch their orders once they see the shipping costs (if they think it's not worth the price, once shipping is factored in). 


TLDR: If you test your checkout yourself, by purchasing one of your own products, and it all works fine for you, then there's most likely no issues with the back-end. 

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I have free world wide shipping and I had CJDropship recommend the cost of items in my store. I'm not even adjusting the price for the free shipping. I've had over 1300 people visit the store a s not a single sale.