Why is the checkout not working for customers in Denmark?

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Hey guys


A customer in Denmark is reported this today any ideas? There may be others affected but not reported


They triet two different PC's same result (chrome and explorer tried)




Luke Daley, Creative Engineer
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Hi @Sni9er 


It is very difficult to understand the cause of the problem from just the screenshot.


I suggest the following steps to help resolve the issue:


  • Ask the customer the exact steps they took and items they had in their cart upon checkout.
  • Attempt to replicate the same checkout and see if you receive the same problem.
  • Use a VPN in different regions and countries to determine if it's a geographical problem.
  • Disable Shopify apps one by one and see if the problem goes away.
  • Hire a professional Shopify Partner like myself to help resolve the problem. 
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