Why is the Dawn theme not working well on mobile?

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Hi all,


The website has been up for roughly a year now and I've not been getting much traffic. This has been driving me mad, as have been looking at so many different tools and can't seem to get a straight answer as to what's wrong!


Sem rush seems to think the desktop version is fine, but on mobile it shows there are 0 keywords (alongside various issues out my technical ability)


Google console has around 2300 pages that won't index (possibly due to product variations, there is a canonical tag and the canonical pages have all indexed successfully).


Using pagespeed.web, the product pages show all sorts of issues from potential image size to JS execution times. 


Would really appreciate some sort of insight as to what's going on? I thought Dawn was supposed to be optimized for mobile use?


If anyone could look at https://rowlanddesigns.co.uk and shed any sort of light, it would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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Hey @Rowland_Designs,

Do you have a lot of apps downloaded in the store? I see way too many script tags in the <head> of the page, this is not good

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Thank you for your message, we didn’t have many apps but did just uninstall a few. Including Trust.P We do have an app called Globo product option, (we sell personalised items). Would this be the issue? We have seen that this app did have very good reviews. 

thank you