Re: CSV Import Not Overwriting ANY FIX?

Why isn't my CSV import overwriting existing product information?

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Hey Shopify,

Im new with CSV files so Im hopefully Im making a simple mistake.

Ive been editing my CSV on google sheets and exporting out..

When I edit a pre existing product and change simple info in fields such as the title, description, etc its not overwriting the edited info on Shopify.

Im importing, making sure to check the box to overwrite, it appears to be doing everytihng properly, but nothing ever changes from my new CSV version.

Let me know if there is a fix for this, thank you!


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Hi, @RippleKit!

Welcome to Shopify Community. My name is Olivia and I work here.

Thank you for your question, I'd love to help you get to the bottom of this. For starters, let's gather some more context:

  1. When you update products in the CSV, are you using the same product handle?
  2. Are you seeing duplicate products appear?
  3. Have you received any emails regarding the CSV failing?
  4. Are you exporting the correct CSV format (UTF-8 using LF-style linefeeds)?

Please answer those questions for me so I can better assist with next troubleshooting steps.

I look forward to connecting,

Olivia | Social Care @ Shopify 
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The title is a longer version of the handle.

No duplicate products

No failing and I think the correct format.

Ive found by removing extra fields that arent being used or updated that it will work.

So ive made a need docs sheet with just the handle and needed categories to update and that now appears to be synching!

Im able to add products to collections with CSV but then when I change the collection to overwrite and remove from said collections its not pulling it out.


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Thanks for your reply, @RippleKit.

I'm glad to hear it is now working for you, but it sounds like you're unable to update collections through your product CSV? Are these automatic or manual collections? Automatic, or smart, collections will be ignored if added via CSV files as they are made up of conditional logic, so let's rule that out.

Warm regards,

Olivia | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I have found that the money I have spent on the matrixify app is some of the best money I've spent in a long time. The app makes it possible to upload a single column of data with a single identifying column. Much less risk than several required columns. 

Note, I have no personal stake in the business.

They have a lot of training material. For each type of upload I work on, I pull up a worksheet for that class (product, collection, etc.) that defines all the available variables, how the file should be named, and required columns. For instance, the word products has to appear in a product upload and the word collections has to appear in a collection upload. Otherwise, the default assumption is that it is a product file. There is an option to upload a file for test and analysis without actually impacting the data.

Be sure to examine the difference between command columns, ie. merge, update, etc.  

Matrixify also exports product ID's which allows the handles to be updated with a CSV file instead of by hand if needed. Handle these types of actions with care.

As a tip, I always test a new file with a test upload of just 1-2 rows of data so if I have made a mistake, it's easily repairable. This has saved the day several times.

Additionally, I also back up my store with an app before any uploading. 

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Renars here from Matrixify (Excelify).

@txshellie - Wow! Truly amazing that you are enjoying the app so much and recommending it. That is the reaction that we are always aiming for!
You have listed indeed great points, that allow you to easily bulk update and manage store data, create back-ups, and more. And as you mentioned, it is smart to always test your imports before going "all-in" to be sure that everything is set up correctly. The app works with actual store data and edits almost any field, so it can go south really quickly if used incorrectly.

@RippleKit - I understand that you wish to use Shopify native import tool for your bulk updates, which is fine and works for the simplest of cases. If you plan to do some more advanced imports or even automated ones from Google Sheets, you can always look into using our app.
As was previously mentioned, you can update your data by just including the few mandatory fields in the file, you can also bulk manage (create, delete, update and replace) collections and other entities with our app.
As you said that you are using Google Sheets, then you can even set up automated import from Google Sheets, so that you just need to edit data and on regular periods it would be imported and updated in the store automatically.

If you wish to learn more about the app, then please reach out to our support directly.
If you plan to use Shopify native import, which is also fine for simpler cases, then sorry about the Matrixify (Excelify) fuss here.

Matrixify | Bulk Import Export Update | |
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update, nevermind I figured it out. sorry.


Hi Olivia,


I am having the same issue, but my answers are different:

1. yes

2. yes

3. no

4. I believe so. I've tried multiple files to be sure, but specifically I usually use the export file I get from shopify and just modify and save.


Any advice would be appreciated!

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Hi @RippleKit 

Take a look at Mixtable. Mixtable is like Google Sheets, but with all Excel-style formulas and behavior. And it seamlessly syncs to and from Shopify. You can easily paste your data as described in order to bulk edit your Shopify store's data.