Why isn't my mobile dropdown menu working?

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Hello everyone


I have a probleme, on Desktop I have a Mega Menu in white which works perfectly. But on mobile you cant change the Menu so I have to use the the default Dropdown Menu, which is not working. When I click on the 3 Lines in the corner at the top right, the Screen gets darker but nothing happens you can not click on anything.

I have added a Video where you can see my issue. The Domain to my store also stands there if someone wants to take a closer look at it. And if you need any Code in order to help me please contact me I'm going to reply as soon as I can. (I use the Dawn Theme)



Thanks in advance for any Help!

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Can you provide the store URL?

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Here are a few general troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the problem:

  1. Clear cache: Clear your browser cache and try accessing the mobile menu again. Sometimes, cached files can cause display issues.

  2. Disable conflicting apps: If you have recently installed or updated any apps, try disabling them temporarily to see if they are causing the issue with the mobile menu.

  3. Check theme settings: Double-check the theme settings related to the mobile menu and ensure they are properly configured. Look for any options to enable or customize the mobile menu behavior.

  4. Theme updates: Make sure your Dawn theme is up to date. If there are any available theme updates, install them and see if the mobile menu issue is resolved.

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1. It's also broken when I switch on Desktop to the Dropdown Menu, so there has to be an issue with the Dropdown menu in general.

2. That's what I tried first I disabeled all Apps, still didn't work.

3. I check all the theme settings didn't find anything which works.

4. Where can I check if there are any Updates available for my Dawn theme?

Thanks for your respons!

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hi, did you ever find a solution? im having the same problem

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No I just changed the theme. But I don't use shopify in general anymore now. But if you're having same problem try to go into the Developer Tools look for that element that isnt't there as it should be and look for display: none; or visibility: hidden; if this is the case go into base.css and add @media (max-width: 750px) {
yourelement.class#id {
display: block !important;

visibility: visible !important;


Or just ask some of the shopify devs.