Why isn't my navigation menu updating on my online store?

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I'm trying to update one of the collections on the navigation on our shop. Please bear with me as I'm not Shopify fluent (other than using intuition to find my way around I've had no training, and I inherited the site from a predecessor).


I've created a new menu option in the 'navigation' section (titled Working from Home), and have updated the link name and collection within the relevant 'top menu' nav section, but it's not updating. I've deleted the previous menu option from the 'top menu' nav (Cups & Stirrers), but its title is still showing in the nav despite it being empty.


I would create a brand new menu but I can't find how to embed the new menu in the theme so I daren't do this. Please can someone help? I've added some screengrabs below as I know my terminology is all over the place. Many thanks, Jess




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Hello ,

Please share your site url.

There can be cache issue.

Thats why your menu not updating.

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Hi, thanks for your reply! Site URL is https://shop.freshground.co.uk/


I did try refreshing browser and emptying my cache in case the issue was local to my machine, but it didn't resolve.





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My navigation menu isn't updating. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Website is www.labeledblucollection.com

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I am also having the same issue. I have multiple stores and the navigation menus do not properly update on the storefront side.  I can add items, but I cannot rearrange items or delete items to show correctly on the storefront. The changes do show on the admin side however. It isn't a browser caching issue because I can use multiple browsers with cleared cache -- even multiple computers -- and the same problem occurs. The only solution I have found is to change/save the menu handle, then resave it again with the original handle. This seems to refresh it. Could it perhaps be a server side caching or database updating issue? 

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much!


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Mark,  Thank you for posting this.   I was having exactly the same problem.  Changing the menu title to something else and saving it forced it to update.

Ideally, Shopify would fix their server-side caching issues, but until then, this is a good workaround.


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This is a very useful thread as I am having the same issue.



The only solution I have found is to change/save the menu handle, then resave it again with the original handle. 


How/where in the admin areas do you do this? What do you mean by menu handle?

Sorry I don't know this terminology

Thanks for your help


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I am also facing the same issue with my website. I created a new menu and updated it 3 weeks ago, but the navigational menu has not been updated yet. I have tried deleting the caches, but unfortunately, it still isn't working. Please, can you assist me with this problem?