Why isn't my online store loading correctly for everyone?

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For some reason my store is not loading properly for everyone.  I have been trying to get my site approved for Google's Merchant Center for months now, but have been fighting a suspension.  I finally got some insight into what might be causing this from them.  


Google's GMC support is based out of India.  For some reason my site is not properly loading images for them to be able to review my account.  My market is for the continental USA only so I don't want to create an international market in the event this is the issue (though I suppose I'll do it if it's my only option).


Does anyone know of any work arounds?


My site's URL is https://cozyglowstoves.com


Here are the reference images I received back from Google support:


Cozy Glow Stoves1.png


Cozy Glow Stoves2.png


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The images load, just a little slow. You can improve this by having more optimized images.


Such as uploading webp images with high quality compared to best quality.

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