Why isn't my Postscript SMS app sending confirmation codes?

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Hi, i have been trying for a very long time now to get the postscript app to work. I have searched all around the internet but with no luck finding anything, thats why I ended up here. I first tried out the opt-in page, but after that didn't work I decided to try the pop ups gathering SMS subscribers. I have enabled the pop up and tested it with both my own and someone else's phone number. After subscribing I am supposed to receive a 4 digit number to confirm my number, but it never shows up. When checking the postscript app, I also see that the popup has gotten interactions and that postscript has sent out the message as I have been charged a couple cents. Why is this happening? why is it not working properly? This was also the problem happening when trying out the opt-in form. Phone number in, but nothing back from postscript, except a few charts charge and 0 subscribers collected. if anyone else has had the same problem, please help me :).


(i have contacted postscript support, but with no luck finding a solution per now).Skjermbilde 2024-03-10 kl. 15.57.12.pngSkjermbilde 2024-03-10 kl. 15.57.23.png

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have you found a solution for this? I'm facing the same problem..


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Have not found a solution unfortunately. Currently talking with support. When they tried it with their own phone number it worked just fine somehow… so Its just confusing Why Its not working

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any updates on this? I'm having the same problem

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Hi, @koko777.


Thanks for reaching out!


I recommend reaching out to our authenticated support, so we can take a closer look and troubleshoot effectively. You can create a support request via the Shopify Help Center.  

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