Why isn't order.pickup_in_store? working correctly for in-store orders?

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I set it up to allow in store pickup and successfully placed a test order. 

Then I want to determine if the current order is a store pickup order by "order.pickup_in_store?" on the order details page:

{% if order.pickup_in_store? %}
    Bring your confirmation email when you come to collect your order.
{% else %}
    test message
{% endif %}

The end result is a "test message":


Documentation for "order.pickup_in_store?":https://shopify.dev/docs/api/liquid/objects/order#order-pickup_in_store?



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Liquid for notifications and themes are a annoyingly a bit different they just don't make it glaringly obvious.

Your looking for delivery_method



For the order confirmation email there should be a bit at the top you can reference


  {% case delivery_method %}
      {% when 'pick-up' %}
        You’ll receive an email when your order is ready for pickup.
      {% when 'local' %}


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I believe @winsy was asking about this on the orders page, not an email. I am also currently not seeing "order.pickup_in_store?" work on the orders page. Did this stop working? 

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We are having the same issue using it in the packing slips template.