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Why isn't the compare at price option appearing on my debutify theme site?

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Hi! Ive used debutify to make my site, everything worked perfectly fine, but suddenly the compare at price option doesnt work anymore, it doesnt show up, im not even sure if it exists on the site, on the preview while customizing it works perfectly fine, but when i check the actual site its not there. It does that with a fresh debutify theme install aswell



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Hey @Duspa,


Shopify implemented additional global settings that regulate the compared prices' visibility per the new EU guidelines.
This is a measure to prevent sellers from
  • Advertising fake price reductions.
  • Artificially inflating the reference price before offering a discount.
  • Misleading customers about the amount of a discount.

Think of events like Black Friday, where some sellers would display a product or service discounted at $100 when it was $80 just before.


You can read more about Shopify's new European Pricing Indication Directive in their guide: European Pricing Indication Directive · Shopify Help Center.


On your compare price, you would need to set the Compare price to the product's lowest price within the last 30 days or more and set the price of the product to your new sale price.


To check if this is the issue or to remove this, you can go to your Shopify Settings > Markets > Other Markets > Preferences. 


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And uncheck "Hide compare-at prices for European Economic Area (EEA) customers".


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However, you should consult your own legal counsel to determine how the laws in your region and the region in which you sell might affect your business.


If you are not in EU territory and the issue still persists, please contact us for further investigation. 


You can follow the steps on this guide to send a message to our support.  How to Contact a Debutify Agent for Live Chat Support? | Debutify Help Center


Thank you for choosing Debutify!
Technical Support Team | Debutify CORP 
Thank you for choosing Debutify!
Technical Support Team | Debutify CORP