Why won't my mobile website load despite speed fixes?

Why won't my mobile website load despite speed fixes?

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I'm facing a serious problem with my Shopify store. Despite fixing desktop speed issues by resizing images and removing unused apps, my website is still super slow or most likely won't open at all on mobile (I already tried to clear the cache or switching browser).


My Website details:


Theme: Dawn (version 13.0)


Could you please help me figure out why my site is slow on mobile devices and suggest any solutions?

I've already optimized images and uninstalled unused apps but mobile access is consistently slow or non-responsive. I asked some friends to test it and they also can't open it on their mobiles.

Plus, when I check the url on PageSpeed 90% of the time it says that the url is not valid. (?)


I'd really appreciate your help. Thank you!

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Hello @ahoykollektiv  Some APPs seems causing the store load slow ex: pinterest can you try disabling it?

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Yes, the first access time to your site is terrible at 30 seconds. It seems like some things might not be going well. Because nobody waits that long!


  • What you need to do is temporarily disable all apps.
  • If there is any cache, clear it. Including Cloudflare.

Then perform the test from the following site:


If your site still loads slowly, then you need to check the theme you are using. Temporarily activate a standard theme and repeat the steps above.

Lastly, it seems like your site is under a heavy bot attack!


In the end, you will find the culprit 🙂


Terence Keane


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