Work on multiple stores using shopify-cli at the same time

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I am using shopify-cli for last few months now.


I'm looking for workaround to modify themes from 2 or more stores at the same time. Right now I use shopify switch command to switch between different stores.


With themekit I used to fire up new terminal from each project that had config.yml with all details. It was quick and I never had to worry about switching between stores.


My question is - is there any way we can work on different stores at the same time without need to switch store -using shopify-cli ?

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As far as I know this is not possible with shopify-cli, which is a huge pain. It basically degrades shopify-cli for small projects with a single shop only and themkit still stays the to-go solution for projects with multiple stores.

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There's a trick using an environment file in the root of your template folder. 


store = "storename"

Then shopify theme pull -e storename