Wrong Variant Added to Cart

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We're experiencing issues with our sub & save the page.  When a customer is trying to add any of our 3 flavors to the cart the item is randomly added to the cart. 

Not sure how it is happening but have an idea it might be a liquid issue. Please help ASAP! 

Here is our URL: https://drinkmarquis.com/products/marquis-24-pack-subscription?variant=32350208753719


Seems like the variant select (flavor select) javascript has a bug where it gets the previously selected value. 

I tried to see if the same bug is present but when selecting frequency but was unable to tell what frequency was selected from the checkout page. 

Have you tried contacting ReCharge? This seems to be an issue on their end and I'm sure they can help you fix it.

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I checked and there was an error while adding product id, someone is trying to fix it but failed: https://i.imgur.com/yBHw5MG.png
You need an expert, they will login to the site and debug everything. Because it's hard to give advice when you can't debug each part.
Hope it clear to you.

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