Wrong Variant Being Added to Cart

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I have a problem where a customer has added a product to cart, but the wrong variant ends up in the cart.

Attached is a screenshot of the console that seems to show a problem with variant data, but I'm lost how to fix this.

Website is :  babyscoffee (dot) com


Theme:  Dawn version 9.0 (noticed there is an update to 11.0 available, but there is a dialogue box that says: "Your code changes won't be included because one or more changes conflict with the update. After the updated theme is added to your theme library, you will be able to copy your code over or re-configure some apps. ")

Any help greatly appreciated!!




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I have checked your site and it seems to be working properly. Can you please share the product URL where you are facing issue.



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This is the product:  https://babyscoffee.com/products/babys-breakfast-roast%C2%AE

I cannot figure out why this one customer is having a problem.  It appears to be working for me.