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Enabling tiered discounts based on cart value

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Hi Community,


i want to have one discount code which gives 35% off for every order and 50% off for every order above 100€.


Any tips on how to get this implemented?





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@Katharina_be mein erster Ansatz wären automatic discount. Da man aber nur einen automatischen Rabatt nutzen kann, weiß ich nicht wie sich das verhält, wenn Kunden die Konditionen für den ersten (niedrigeren Rabatt) erfüllt und sukzessive die Konditionen für den zweiten erfüllt. Die Frage ist, ob der stets höhere Rabatt verwendet wird oder ob der erste Rabatt fix ist und nicht entfernt werden kann. Das müsstest du tatsächlich ausprobieren. Eventuell weiß @Gabe wie sich das verhält.

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Hey @Katharina_be 


It's like what @Finer said but here's me thinking out loud and not sure if this this will work as haven't tested it myself or if it suits your use-case. You could try following these steps where you create two order discounts:

  1. Create the first discount type as "Percentage Discount" and set the value to 35%.
  2. Under "Usage limits," choose "Limit to one use per customer." and no minimum order amount.
  3. Under "Active dates," choose the date range during which the discount will be valid and save it.

  4. Create a second discount code, follow the same steps, but set the discount value to 50%.

  5. Under "Usage limits," choose "Limit to one use per customer." and minimum order amount = €100.

  6. Under "Active dates," choose the date range during which the discount will be valid and save it.

Conditional logic: Your customers then should be able to use either of the discount codes during checkout, depending on their order amount. Because these two discounts are mutually exclusive i.e. they cannot be combined, if the order is less than 100€, they should receive a 35% discount, and if the order is over 100€, they should receive a 50% discount.


By using these two discount codes with different conditions, you can incentivize customers to make larger purchases by offering a higher discount for orders over 100€, while also offering a smaller discount to customers who make smaller purchases. This can help increase the AOV (average order value) and encourage repeat purchases and customer loyalty! A win-win and no-brainer! 😉

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