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Google Shopping Sale Badge not displayed

Google Shopping Sale Badge not displayed

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Hey, all of my products are approved in Google Merchant Center and I see also all price reductions there, but some products have the Sale Badge in the Shopping Feed and some not. Google said everything is the same, there must be a problem within Shopify. I am not sure what to do.


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Hey @rene_neona 


Thanks for the question. You have reached the German community und wir können das gerne auf Deutsch weiterbesprechen but English is fine too! 😉 


Your question about the "sales badges" on Google doesn't give us very much to work with because we don't know if 1) you are talking about the sales prices versus the "compare-at prices" and 2) are they not showing in your ads, and 3) which Google Feed are you using? Is it the Google channel or a Google Feed App like Multiple Feeds?


Some more questions on the issue you mentioned above:

  • Are some of your products rejected in Google or in "Limited performance due to missing identifiers" (see blog piece below on that and the Google docs here)?
  • Do your products have "invalid values" (more on that here)? 

The compare at prices are the higher prices and they now underlie a few new EU regulations that Google might be scrutinizing (see what I mean here). If you display compare-at prices a.k.a "reference prices" in the case of price reductions, then the cheapest price of only the last 30 days may be displayed. See a YT video from @Stefan-247APPS here:


Advice from Emmanuel Flossie (see blog piece on Google Feed at the bottom of this thread):

When submitting a price and sale price, and the lowest price is not shown, may indicate an issue with your feed. Go to Google Merchant Center > products > all products > click on the product > scroll down till you see final attributes.


You require to fulfill certain conditions for Google Shopping to show sale price. 

To show a sales price tag you need to have sole the normal price for x amount of time.
Constantly having a sale price, will void it being a sale price and will become a normal price.
QuoteUse the sale_price attribute to tell users how much you're charging for your product during a sale. During a sale, your sale price will be shown in ads as the current price. If your original price and sale price meet certain requirements, your original price may show along with the sale price, allowing people to see the difference between the two.


Have you seen our blog piece ("Die perfekte Kampagne...") on this topic with the Google expert from Feedarmy, Emmanuel Flossie (scroll down to below this thread)?


Hope that helps!

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