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How can customers add product-based information?

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Hello Shopify Team,


I am currently working on an online store. Customers should be able to fill in questions about the product and their answers should have an impact on the fulfillment. The answers of the customers should be visible in the packing slip.


Since it is not obvious to me how customers can enter product-based information, I have just solved it as follows:

After filling out the questions a link is generated, which leads to the checkout and passes the variant id and its quantity and the answers of the questions as attributes in the query arguments. Here is an example:


Although the answers of the customers can be transmitted in this way, they are not product-based but on the whole order. In addition, I cannot access these variables when creating the packing slip, because the additional details are not passed as variables.


Is there a better way to pass the responses? I am grateful for any help.


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@faberandfriends du kannst line item properties auf der Produktebene einfügen. Das sind Formularfelder, die einem Produkt oder eine Bestellung zugeordnet werden können und im Warenkorb, im Checkout und im Backend sichtbar sind. Diese lassen sich auch auf dem Lieferschein einbauen.


Es gibt einige Themes, wie z. B. Focal, die eine solche Funktion auf Produktebene bereits anbieten. Andernfalls muss man an den Code ran. Wie sind denn deine Code-Kenntnisse in Bezug auf HTML und CSS ?

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