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Laut Google Page Speed Insight kein href vorhanden

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I currently have two problems where I suspect it might be the theme. 

Bug 1: In Google Page Speed Insights, this link is not present, although it can be found in the source code.

<link rel="alternate" hreflang="de" href="">

Bug 2: 

I can't see any information about indexing at the moment. It is not displayed in the source text, but I can see it or find it in the head.liquid file. I have also replaced the head.liquid again and added the original.

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

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Hey @Bowlofbeauty 


Thanks for the info but it's not quite clear where you want to post your question. Is that for a different Google community? 


You have reached the Deutsche Shopify Community here und wenn du weitere Fragen zum Shop hast, gebe einfach ein Suchbegriff oben in der Suchleiste der Community Landingpage ein, denn das Thema haben wir sehr wahrscheinlich schon besprochen. Oder lass wissen, wenn du weitere Fragen dazu hast oder zum Shop und Business und gerne können wir das hier weiter besprechen! Halte bitte Ausschau in deiner E-Mail auf Notifications zu Antworten auf deine Fragen in der Community.


That being said, let's take a 👀 at what you have reported. Both of the issues you're describing seem to be related to the SEO of your store and could potentially be caused by your Shopify theme, although it's also possible that there might be other factors at play.


It's important to understand that Google's PageSpeed Insights tool checks the performance of your site rather than its HTML structure or the presence of specific tags. If you're seeing the hreflang tag in your source code, it means the tag is properly implemented on your site. However, it's also possible that this tag isn't working as expected due to other factors. For example, the tag should typically be implemented on every page of your site and point to the equivalent page in a different language. If the tag on your German page points to your English homepage, Google might not consider it correctly implemented. It's worth checking if your hreflang tags are correctly implemented across your site using an SEO tool that specifically checks for hreflang implementation.


Then the lack of indexing information might be due to a few factors. Shopify automatically includes a robots.txt file that tells search engines which pages they can crawl on your site. If this file is not properly configured, it might cause issues with your site's visibility in search engines. Additionally, if you've recently made changes to the head.liquid file and these changes aren't reflected in your site's source code, it could be due to caching. Shopify caches pages to improve loading times, and these cached versions might not reflect recent changes. Try clearing your cache and checking your site again.


If you're still experiencing problems, it might be worth reaching out to a Shopify expert like or consulting with an SEO specialist to diagnose and resolve these issues. It could also be worth reaching out to the developer of your theme, as they might be able to provide insight into potential problems with the theme itself.


Hope that helps! 😉

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