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Looking for a very specific loyalty and rewards app

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Hi all,


I've spent multiple hours installing and deinstalling apps to test from the app store, but was unable to find one that suits all our needs. Maybe you can help.


We are looking for a loyalty and rewards app that has the following functionalities:


SCENARIO 1 for a certain customer group only, a) to d) all belong to this scenario
a) a customer to earn points per Euro spent, both online and at the POS (Shopify POS)
b) share their code with their family and friends to let them also collect points for them (both on- and offline), same ratio as a) - friends get fixed amount of money off their first order, ideally through a loyalty account number such as personal phone number of customer
c) reach certain tiers associated with a number of points, e.g. 500 points, 2000 points, 5000 points, 9000 points. Each tier then would allow the user to request a prize, but without redeeming points (so that they can keep on collection/referring to collect more points).
d) once a certain tier is reached, I want the user to receive an e-mail to their associated email address with information on how to claim their tier reward (we are using Brevo (new name for Sendinblue))
Classic loyalty program for all other customer groups (purchase x, get y off/for free OR the more you spend over CLT, the bigger the discount), this is the scenario I know for sure pretty much all loyalty apps do support
Classic affiliate program - a B2B partner refers a customer to shop with us (either on- or offline). Customer needs to enter B2B partner's code to get a discount of fixed percentage, B2B partner receives certain percentage of net revenue of customer. Must also be applicable both on- and offfline through Shopify POS.
We are using the DAWN Theme.
And now the bummer: We cannot spent more than 50 bucks a month on this functionalities at the moment, as we are a young business and budget is super limited.
Would be great if you could help.

Shopify Staff
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Hey @BiaWin 


Thanks for the details and you have reached the German community here but we can chat in English too, that's no problem! 😉


I get what you are saying as well, regarding the complexity of your requirements. A single app to cater to all of these requirements would be great but may be difficult to find, especially within the constraints of a certain budget. 


For Scenario 1 and 2, the App might work. Have you spoken to any of the app developers yet? They are usually very helpful and can offer great advice, being SMEs in the area. The app description says "supported 24/7 by a team of experts who can help with everything from technical questions to rewards and loyalty best practices for your business." 

It also looks like this app supports both Desktop and a POS location, plus offers referral programs and tiered rewards. You can create a "VIP" tier based on reward points, and you can possibly integrate it with your Shopify Flow or email marketing app, or an app like Sendinblue. The app offers different payment plans which have different features.


For Scenario 3, the Refersion or Affiliatly apps might be a best fit. They are affiliate marketing apps that can track affiliate sales both online and offline, and generate discount codes for referred customers. The affiliates can earn a commission based on the revenue they bring in. However, they are pricey. Another option for Scenario 3 would be GoAffPro. This is an affiliate marketing tool that has a free plan. While it doesn't have the offline tracking capability by itself, you might be able to work around this by manually entering the offline sales into the system.


As there isn't a one-size-fits-all, a combination of and GoAffPro might be the best fit for your requirements and within your budget. 


If you want to DIY it:

If you want to try and build a solution yourself, you might consider the following steps. For Scenario 1 and 2 you could consider the native discount codes creating unique codes for specific users and tiers, then email these out manually when a customer reaches a new tier:

  1. Use customer tags to identify members of your loyalty program.
  2. Track customers' spending through Shopify's admin panel and manually adjust their tags when they reach new tiers.
  3. Create unique discount codes in Shopify for each tier of your loyalty program.
  4. When a customer reaches a new tier, manually send them an email (using Shopify Email and Flow app, or an app like Sendinblue) with their new discount code.

You could further customize the theme code to automate some of these tasks, but this would require knowledge of Shopify's API and development framework. For Scenario 3, you could again use Shopify's discount codes:

  1. Create unique discount codes for each of your affiliates.
  2. When a customer uses an affiliate's code, the affiliate earns a commission.
  3. Track the usage of each code in your Shopify admin panel to calculate the commissions.

Tracking and calculating commissions manually can be time-consuming, especially with many affiliates and orders.


Hope that helps! 😉

Gabe | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hey @BiaWin,

check out Reach out if you want to learn more.

Best regards