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Newsletter popup on every page that the customer clicks on

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Hello, I have a problem with the newsletter popup (RIVO) on my site. 
Maybe someone already has experience with it?

If the customer only selects essential cookies via "beeclever GDPR Legal Cookie",
then the newsletter popup will be displayed on every page that the customer clicks on.

The selection is not saved because beeclever does not automatically set the cookie to essential.

How can I do this manually?



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Hey @diworo 


You have reached Shopify-Community (DE)  -> Shopify-Diskussion ->  Technische Fragen & Antworten here but we can chat in English too, that's no problem! 😉


In this case we seem to have an incompatibility issue between the GDPR Cookie Banner (which is a best-of-breed app!) and the RIVO Popup App. I do not think you will be able to fix this manually if you don't find a setting in the Beeclever app and therefore I advise that you contact the Beeclever App Developers ( Let them know that the Beeclever app, as you say yourself, is not automatically setting the cookie to essential. 


Then please also contact the Rivo App developers ( and let them know of the unexpected behaviour of the Popup Banner that is appearing on every page.


Hope that will help you solve the issue! 😉

Gabe | Social Care @ Shopify
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