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Product page error

Product page error

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Hello together,

I have a problem with my product page. Like you can see on the Picture, there is a weird bug or error on my product page with the title and the pictures. Does anyone know how I can solve this?

Thanks in advance!



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Hey @Leonidasthegree 


You have reached the German community here but we can chat in English too, that's no problem!

I see your store URL as and, in essence, you (or a frontend media gallery app) have added your own media gallery to the Product Image Section on your PDP page.



So there's not much we can do for you - instead you will need to reverse all changes you have made in your theme on the PDP. If it's an app then please contact the app support


See our help doc on that here. Some frontend apps can also change the theme code and slow down page loading speeds and you should check if the app requires additional steps to uninstall before removing the app from the store. Such apps (or code changes) can also exclude a theme from theme updates if the theme code is changed. Please also refer to the app documentation.

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