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Betreff: Remove code from cookie consent bar - Dawn Theme

Remove code from cookie consent bar - Dawn Theme

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I changed the cookie bar app and while the new cookie bar is working perfectly fine, the old one is still showing up in the corner of my website, even though I deleted the old app. It seems there is still some code left on the website. Can anyone help detected where this is located and how I can manually delete all code of the previous cookie bar? 


Please see screenshot how it looks like and store url: www.


Screenshot 2023-06-04 at 18.32.03.png


Thanks in advance!





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@monomgroup you should find the following element within the theme.liquid file:


<div class="cmpboxrecall cmpstyleroot cmprecallwarning" style="cursor: pointer"><a class="cmpboxrecalllink" href=";utm_campaign=warnicon"><img src="" data-cmp-ab="1" style="width:20px !important; height:20px !important;" width="20" height="20" border="0" alt="-"></a></div>

Remove this code.


This will remove the “visible” code. It could be possible that you might have some script in place somewhere. I think it would be easier to ask the app-develops to remove the (old) consent bar.


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If it doesn´t work try this : footer-group.json -> "custom_liquid" -> delete : <script type=\"text\/javascript\" data-cmp-ab=\"1\" src=\"https:\/\/\/delivery\/autoblocking\/83691b83c1814.js\" data-cmp-host=\"\" data-cmp-cdn=\"\" data-cmp-codesrc=\"0\"><\/script> 


it worked for me