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Remove lines seperating sections - Dawn Theme

Remove lines seperating sections - Dawn Theme

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Hey! Can someone help me deleting these lines in the head and footer of my website?

Thanks !!





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Hey @jonathan_p97 


Thanks for the Screenshot. You have reached the German community here and I can see your shop is in German but we can chat in English that's no problem! 😉


In your Dawn theme header section you can actually deactivate the divider lines as you can see here:




But can I ask why? Do you think the change will greatly improve the customer experience and your sales, or do you, as the store owner, simply like it better that way, aesthetically?


The reason I ask is that for the footer it will require a code change and theme code changes can 1) slow down your page loading speeds, and 2) exclude your theme from the theme updates. It may also not be a change that your customers see as a major priority in their overall buying experience in your shop, if you get what I mean. 😉


But if you do want to remove said lines, I advise to test the following recommendations first in a copy of  your theme (theme -> actions -> duplicate).


1. Go to Online Store->Theme -> Edit code
2. Asset->/section -> footer.liquid -> paste below code at the bottom of the file:


.footer {border-top: none !important;}


If you have any further questions you will need to speak to an expert and I can gladly recommend some if you wish!


Hope that helps! 😉

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