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Hi Gabe!
I now have a problem on my hands, I seem not to get my head around it:
our UID - European VAT number - is generally set on 20%
Now: aliment is set on 10%
I override this in the taxes segment of settings, however the system does not calculate the 10% correctly, see attachments.

Could not find any flaws in our settings.
Please advise.
Best regards,


Shopify Staff
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Hey Walt! Great hear from you! @KochKistl 


My first question is, how long you've had this VAT issue and were there any changes made in the settings that may have led to the cause of the issue? To understand how Shopify calculates the tax and to set overrides you might find our help doc here helpful.


But ultimately we will need to check that in the backend settings via a ticket. Can you send us a ticket here please and attach the same Images ( from the E-Mail, that you use to log in to your shop as the AO (account owner). Our Tax team can then take a look at it.

Gabe | Social Care @ Shopify
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