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Change H1 in dawn theme

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I would like to change my H1 on my homepage in the Dawn theme (my H1 is my logo now). 


I watched a few YT videos and in step 1 they all change the "<h1>" to "<div>" in the header.liquide file. The thing is, I can't find my H1. I know I have one because if I inspect my website I find the H1 using crtl+f but I can't find the H1 in my code (neither with crtl+f).


My website is if that may be important to find the problem.

Can someone help me find/change the H1 in my codes so I can add a proper H1 to my homepage? If possible I would like to make a H2 (the "Crul Vintage" one), my H1.


I dont know that much about coding and all that but I do know a few things from YouTube and blogs etcetera.


I use the Yoast SEO, Booster page speed, Trust Badges, Ominisend and app, I'm not sure if that changes anything around the H1 but I dont believe it does.


Thanks in advance