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how to Disconnect Facebook account

how to Disconnect Facebook account

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Dear community,


I am trying to disconnect my personal facebook account from the Shopify store and vice versa. 

This is impossible!

Nothing happens when I press the disconnect Facebook button on Shopify. This is the same for the business integration section on Facebook. Nothing happens when pressing: "delete Shopify connection". The connection still exists after pressing both buttons. 

We also tried uninstalling the Facebook app on Shopify, but without any luck. (normal Facebook app, not any other third party)


I have been trying to figure this out for the last 5 hours.. but it's quite impossible to do. 

Does anybody know how to delete this connection?


It's needed to do so because we installed the wrong fb account, the one installed at this moment doesn't have the admin rights for the business manager. And so the business manager integration won't show up in the list on Shopify.