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translate ''color'' and '' size`` to dutch

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I have a Dutch shop, but size and color are in English. Does anyone know how to translate that into Dutch?

greetings from Simon


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Dear @Munqies,


Iris here from Shopify. In the interest of education for everyone, I will be answering your questions in both English and Dutch as I think you have a great question here, that will benefit the Dutch speakers too 🙂


Generally English words that are not translated in your store, can be translated using the Language Editor. By using the language editor, you can change the words and sentences that appear in your online store. You can change the default wording in your theme, with the below steps:



To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi Iris,

Ik las op het internet het volgende:


"If you want to show color swatches you will need to name one of the Product Options either Color or Colour. By default, the color swatches use the HTML color spectrum, so if your variant color option is named Blue it will show the HTML color Blue".

Mijn vraag is alleen, op het moment dat ik kleur in color verander, zie ik zoals ik wil de kleurenpalet in het overzicht van de producten. Maar op het moment dat ik "kleur" gebruik ipv "color", pakt het systeem hem niet meer, en dan zie je dus geen kleurenpalet meer. Hoe kan ik dit veranderen van color naar kleur, maar wel dat hij de instelling behoud om de kleuren weer te geven?