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Magnific popup alt attribute in image popup

Magnific popup alt attribute in image popup

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I have been trying to add alt attribute to img tag generated by Magnific popup tool. But I don't manage to make it work.

Currently, I choosed vintage "minimal" theme : In file theme.js, a piece of Magnific popup code doesn't work : getImage function doesn't render alt attribute.



: function (c, d) {...}, following code is written by no alt : 


--> no alt anyway <img src=".//">

Test 1 : I tried to add
j.alt="MyAlt", --> working <img alt="MyAlt"....>

Test 2 : I tried to add
j.alt=c.el --> alt="[object Object]"

Test 3 : I tried to add
j.alt=c.el.find("img") --> alt="[object Object]"

Test 4 :
j.alt=c.el.find("img").attr("alt") --> alt="undefined"

Test 5 :
j.alt=c.el.find("img").attr("src") --> alt="undefined"

Test 6 :
j.alt=c.src --> alt="//"




More details here 


Thanks for you help