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Hey guys!


I'm new to Shopify and would love for someone to help with any inputs. 


Thank you in advance.

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Share your store link please will make the suggestions
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I have checked your website and what you need now is to redesign your store, then if you don't know to do it, so you can contact our support.

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Hello Hairgoddess1

I'll love to commend your effort for reaching an awesome milestone in your store.  I noticed a few missing prerequisites in your website and it's up to Paramount to make necessary amendments because 85% of customers admit to judging a company's credibility based on their web design. 

 Your store's page design concept, collection page, page navigation, Call to actions, products visualization and orientation needs to be overhauled to meet a professional preference.

 I'll suggest that you consult a web design firm to help you out with exquisites service. I'll recommend this firm Web design solution for you, they've offered me a great deal of help in setting up my website as well as marketing. 


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@DMultiservice what help do you need n your Shopify store?

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