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Hi Team, I have an question: Is there any shopify API support to submit rate and review to my App ?, as image below : Thanks!
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I think the error occurs when the wrong access token or the wrong shop name leads to display the shopify basic auth popup
Hi all,I have created an API get list products based on the following article : When i tested with post man then the response alway return     [API] Invalid API key or...
Hi Team,I have a shopify app, my app allow create a carrier service for a store,API : I see the requirement  to create a carrier service.but it is very difficult to know if the st...
Hi Team,I have an shopify appI have created a my carrier service by API bellow : When end user checkout product and using my carrrier .Then i checked order that end user created b...
Hi all,I have a shopify app then after any store installed my app , i want to add custom button link allow create shipping label in order detail page. It working with the same goes for the "Create Shipping Label" button now showing.So my question :Ar...
Hi everyone,I have an question:Are there any way to change link in "Create shipping label" or add new custom link near this link or not ?Are there API support for this ? Thank so much. 
Yes @r8r You are right, It config from app (partner account) is enough, not create from shopify apiThanks! 
Thanks @r8r ,i see the doc, but it seem i must be login to app and create manual link,I want to any user when install my app, it will auto add a custom link in "More actions" and when remove my app it will delete out off "More actions"So Is there any...
Hi everyone,I have an question:Are there any way call API to create a short link to "More Actions" drop down  as Shippo ?( i want to add a short link when user install my app) 
I think i found the way to add my app to get rate
Hello everyoneI have an question :I have created an app by react js, my app defined all rate of country corresponding to weight and price.I see have one function in path Settings/Shipping and delivery/Manage Rates and Add rate "Use carrier or app to ...
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