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I have the video section already, i just want to make the header transparent
Hi guys, i'd like to add some white space below the top video section on the MOBILE version of Let me know if you can help me with this. Thank you
Hi guys, i'd like to make the header transparent for a custom rolling video section ive added to my home page. Please let me know if you can help me out with this. Thank you!  
Hello, Narrative theme only giving me the option of showing 2-3 products per row on desktop but I would like for it to be just one product at a time as you scroll (the way it is on mobile) -- also would be helpful to increase number of maximum rows s...
Amazing man thanks so much. How to do the same between the "made to order' section and the instagram widget I have on the bottom of the page? 80px would be ideal
Hi guys, trying to get space between certain section on our home page at Would like to get some space between the section titled "carved in shadow" and the section below titled "made to order" let me know how i can do this, thank y...
This worked beautifully thank you so much 
Hey guys, love the feature to create our own email marketing campaigns, but would love to download the script for the email so i can send it to select email addresses directly rather than inputting a large list of emails into a subscription list. We ...
Hey guys, I made a custom email campaign using the built in feature. I love the design / layout we created on desktop, but the magic is ruined when its altered for mobile. Is there any way to have the desktop version be directly adapted to mobile wit...
Sorry this seems helpful but im unsure where to find the section Can you let me know where I would find it?
Hi guys I'm using the narrative theme-- I am trying to make the accent line thinner just on this page (its already thin everywhere else) And also would like to reduce the padding around the text section at the top ...
Amazing man you're too good! Thank you!
Thanks a lot it works great on desktop but is there a way to remove it from mobile?
Working on the narrative theme, my online store is Would like to create some space between my full bleed home image and the detail photo directly under it. Any help would be much appreciated 
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