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Hi @LitExtension, It worked perfectly. Thanks!
Hi, how do I align the image with the words for the left side? This is the products page. URL to the page: Thanks in advance
I was thinking of having all the 3 images displayed with equal sizes in the product page instead of having it one by one. Not sure if that's possible.
Hi, May I know how to remove the 3 images below the big image in the product page?  URL to my site: juzfitness.comPassword: JuzPass Thanks in advance!
Hi @ProfitLabs ,I use the debut theme.
Hi @suyash1,What do I have to add to the footer?  
Site link is: and pass is JuzPass
Hi, how do I insert policies at the bottom right of my page (same row as copyright juzfitness)? Thanks in advance!
Hi @ZestardTech , It worked! is it possible to make it in the middle instead of top as it is now? Thanks in advance! 
Hi,How do I make the (© 2021, Juz Fitness) move to the left of the footer? I tried changing align-right to align-left but it doesn't work. The code is: <div class="grid__item small--one-whole {{ copyright_show_class }} site-footer-item-align-right"><...
Hi @dmwwebartisan  Im sorry I dont really understand what you mean. Do you mind explaining?
Hi, how do i make my policies be below the footer on the right (same row as © 2021, Juz Fitness) and © 2021, Juz Fitness be on the left (in the same row) Also, how do i centralise it as it is not aligned currently.Link to my website, pass: JuzPassTha...
Hi @Zworthkey , It worked perfectly. Thank you!
Hi, how do I move my mega dropdown menu down to where it starts where the grey line is before the menu is activated? If possible, I would also like to make the corners sharped instead of curved as it currently is.URL:
Hi,Why is there a weird message on top of my website? The message is: Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/qikify-navigator.liquid Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/qikify-smartmenu.liquidURL to my website is https://juz-fitness.mysh...
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