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I use Thinkific and just migrated from a really old, broke storefront, and both of those have the option to send customers to a specific URL as a thank you page instead of the standard one. I've look...
Hello everyone. New to shopify, but been doing free product list building for years in several ways. I've found the best way is to offer a free product for 'sale' with a notice that they will be add...
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I am migrating to product-specific templates, but early on, I was using generic templates.Now it is a challenge to find out what products are assigned to a template. In the theme editor, when I select a product template to work on, it shows 'assigned...
I'll second (or 35th) the motion to add this to the core functionality.Seems like it should be standard.Thanks,JT
Hello everyone,I've spent the morning looking for a cheap and easy way to customize thank you pages by product purchased.I do a lot of list building with free downloads, provided by ordering free products, so I have a large number of orders. That mea...
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