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I would never pay a third-party app for such basic functionality. Especially when the app is almost as expensive as Shopify itself!
Hello all,  Please Shopify, why can buyers not choose the recipient's email when buying a gift card? Moreover, they need to choose a date for when it's delivered. This is the basic functionality of ANY online gift card. It is absurd that the buyer of...
Hi, thanks for the response but I researched this before posting. Those instructions are old, and those options are not available in my settings.  
I applied a third-party domain to my Shopify store. However, I now wish to point this domain to a different website and go back to using the originally assigned Shopify domain name.  (I want to trial an Etsy solution, but I don't want to lose my Shop...
Thank you, however, neither of those Cart elements are present in the Dawn theme, despite Shopify saying that all free themes offer Order Notes.Thanks anyway!
I want THE CUSTOMER to be able to add a custom message.  
It doesn't matter how 'hard you dive' if the option isn't there. I am not anewcomer, I ran a web and media media agency for 12 years. The option isnot there for the Dawn theme.
Sorry, I don't understand that answer? 
Bizarrely, it says on this official Shopify page that "order notes are available in every free theme". Except for Dawn, presumably?!Notes on all Themes 
I a having the same issue with the Dawn theme. It's otherwise a good theme, but why does Shopify remove this sort of functionality, it's just ridiculous! What possible harm could it do to leave this option in every theme? My store is offering persona...
Hi, might anyone have a version of this for the Dawn theme? I have followed the steps there is definitely no 'Shipping Method Notice' option that appears as an option for me... Hope you can help! J.
Thank you for taking the time to find this, I tried it and it did actually work! I've no idea why Shopify make this so difficult but, having used Shopify for a few months now, I realise there are definitely numerous very odd, awkward and implausible ...
Hi, thanks for the response. However, that option does not appear on any of my products.   To be honest, what I am asking is - is there a more generic setting that will stop me from tracking stock on all products. I did not want to go into each indiv...
Hi, thanks but there is no screenshot attached - am I missing something? J
I was toying with the idea of an App to post my store content to Etsy, and this integration required that stock levels be activated.  Since then, I've gone another way with Etsy, and although I can find ways to check and change stock levels in Shopif...
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