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Has anyone been able to find a method in which to change this behavior? It sure slows our workflow and introduces errors. 
Excellent advice and success, thank you!
I typed my example syntax wrong it seems, but I am glad you understood what I was after. I will give this a try later today. Thanks got the assist!
I have the following text and link in my header.liq code that I use and to change it I have to enter new information in the link and text. I want to change or rotate this to a different text and link on each page refresh choosing either in order or r...
Sorry if I have missed this information, we use Shopify Payments for the website orders but I am unclear on the fees or percentage of sale that Shopify would charge for orders on eBay or Amazon that are imported via an app. The orders are paid for on...
Thank you so very much, I had thought that was how it would work but was not clear on it. I appreciate your help!
I am unclear on how the functionality of a 2nd domain will work.  I have my main domain in Shopify, all is well If I add a 2nd domain in Shopify when someone enters the 2nd domain's URL and goes to it, does Shopify show my main domain URL or will Sho...
Got it, thank you very much! I come from a platform where all code had to be coded and failed to realize there was a better way. My bad, thank you again. 
I am using the Avatar theme version 2.0.0 and I am trying to remove from the cart page only the newsletter section. In cart.json I thought I could remove from the original code the below but it doesn't seem to work out and gives a error upon trying t...
HelloI am using the Avatar theme for OS 2.0.In the header section, I am needing to change from the Hover Over Dropdown Menu in the header to a Click To Open Dropdown format. My navigation has a few categories that are very deep and the end user canno...
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