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Hello  Please have a look at the below screenshot... I want to change the color of the text and buttoning below Ride theme. Can you give me a solution for this? I'm unable to do it via editing settings cause there is no setting for this.  Please help...
Hello Members On this below theme, I'm attaching a preview link of when you open any product, it doesn't show the discount label properly. Please help solve the issue.  Please write the correct ...
@MicheleMeehl wrote:I have installed the Pixels Print on Demand app on my new Shopify store. However, I cannot figure how to connect my products from the Pixels site to Shopify. Has anyone used this app that can assist me with the process?Hello Miche...
Hello  Understood, because of some issues you are unable to uninstall a theme that has written "EcomSolid - DO NOT DELETE" in the name. I believe, there must be something with this theme that attracts it back to the store and someone has that's why n...
Share your store link please will make the suggestions
Are you able to log in and see the dashboard? If yes, please share themyshopify URL if your store, I'll send an access request to dig deeper intoit.
I'm working on a store that has a dawn theme and I want to hide "sold-out variants" from products. How that can be done?
Thank you so much for the reply but it has removed everything look at the pic below. I wanted to remove only the required part, the part that says Powered by  Macrocosm IT Services 
This is how to remove Powered by Shopify. Someone has put their advertising in the theme. How that can be removed. I already tried methods of Powered by Shopify but that doesn't work.
Hello friends The site is password (baldeep) Look at the bottom it has something written as Powered by, I want to replace it with another name and link or want to remove it. Please write the needed steps    Thank you! 
Hi friends Can you help me decrease the gap or padding between two slides or elements on Retina Theme used on this site   Thnaks
Hi Friends I'm working on the store Comfys Care (Password "baldeep") which has Blackshop-7.0.0 them active. I've Installed Shopify Product Review app, I'm facing two problems, one is to install code to show review start rating on each product when se...
How can I make the social media icons look colorful as real logos and make them bigger in size in Shopify Symmetry theme? The website is Thanks
Hi FriendsI'm looking for someone to help me with some Popup sub-text in a Shopify Theme Symmetry. I'm looking forward to making it bigger, I know it's just a small task but it's gonna tale long for me because I'm really not into it. SO Please see th...
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