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Don't hold your breath.Shopify have recently "depreciated" their Reviews app... so again "go third party app developer"... pay more money.Shopify are clearly choosing PROFIT over customer retention. Such a shame. The work around is to not offer "Loca...
This is software... there is no technical reason this cannot be resolved. (particulary in 20 months)The problem is not the software, the problem is the management and profiteering.
100% correct.More people need to see it for what it is... if this was on a bigger scale you could just imagine a whistleblower releasing a document as evidence that is a top down, actual corporate policy... "let's milk them for every drop".
Don't hold your breath, there is no financial incentive for shopify to rectify this flaw.
Thank you for the auto response.Is Shopify offering to reduce their annual fee by $239.88 so that I may gain the basic functionality that they are unwilling to provide, in what many would consider, as a working service?Because, no, an additional $239...
Wait until June, they've not had a full year to work on it yet 
Please submit this as a feature request, that would be great and highly supported. The third party work around is not suitable for us. Thank you for listening. Have a great day.
Don't hold your breath; unfortunately there is financial conflict of interest in Shopify rectifying this issue and as such there is no motivation to correct the issue 
Exactly, you're on thread... we pay Shopify as store owners for a service... app developers fill any holes/bugs and we are expected to pay them for "extra feature apps" aka "patches"... do the app developers have to pay a fee/registration giving Shop...
Unfortunately only a "noted and working on it"... don't call us we'll callyou.Shame, as this is practical issue.
What is the logic behind not being able to edit an order?Maybe we have a lot of "Special" customers, but from the number of requests for this feature I guess we are not alone.Please shopify this is urgent.
You LEGEND!So simple, so quick. Phenomenal, many thanks. Have a great week.
Good morning awesome folks,Apologies, I have found similar questions but none relate to the Canopy Theme and I'm struggling to implement a tweak... I'm wanting to hide the prices on the Collection Page/Section. Any assistance greatly
How is the Quantity Remaining, not a default or tick box option?Given it can track inventory would have thought this to be a logical element, and it appears to be a common query in one form or another.
Hi everyone, hope its a great day for you.Apologies I am a beginner and very green with this. I have search and tried implementations but can't seem to get it working.I would like to include the Quantity Remaining after the Variant dropdown selection...
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